Monday, June 11, 2012


 It's been a while again since last time, time flies, and life got in the way as we say, My lil pup grows and grows and he keeps me busy every spare moment :)

 But it's lovely! How have you been? Have you begun to feel the summer? Here it is as beautiful now with lilac and cherry trees in full bloom love this island this time of year,

 But I also feel a bit down, sad, empty, something is missing, or someone, life is sometimes hard even when everything seems so good on the surface,

But, it's perhaps not always you show how you really feel deep down inside, either, sometimes one can put up a facade, which says that all is well,, Misunderstandings can destroy so much,, and to get them right is sometimes not so easy ,,

Well anyways ,, i hope you all are well ,,

I am going to hit the sofa ,, and see an old film an western :)

Take care of you , and dont be so hard on yourself ore your friends maybe everything isen`t the way you think ,, we can all be wrong sometimes !


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