Monday, June 11, 2012

Having some fun :)


 It's been a while again since last time, time flies, and life got in the way as we say, My lil pup grows and grows and he keeps me busy every spare moment :)

 But it's lovely! How have you been? Have you begun to feel the summer? Here it is as beautiful now with lilac and cherry trees in full bloom love this island this time of year,

 But I also feel a bit down, sad, empty, something is missing, or someone, life is sometimes hard even when everything seems so good on the surface,

But, it's perhaps not always you show how you really feel deep down inside, either, sometimes one can put up a facade, which says that all is well,, Misunderstandings can destroy so much,, and to get them right is sometimes not so easy ,,

Well anyways ,, i hope you all are well ,,

I am going to hit the sofa ,, and see an old film an western :)

Take care of you , and dont be so hard on yourself ore your friends maybe everything isen`t the way you think ,, we can all be wrong sometimes !


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Time to dust this blog of =)

Hi ,, 

So much has happend , i dont know where to start ,  but i start with a pic of my new pup Drover ,,  hes name ias from the amazing film Australia ,, hes a Shiloh Shepherd and now 12 weeks ! 

April 10 its 6 month sins i last my dear Totti  my beautiful Flat Coated Retriever ,,   the time has been  had om us because   we miss him terrible ,,  and every day something is missing ,,

A new pup can never take hes place  but it can and has given som joy and happiness  and we truly need that after everything ..  So this is Drover =)) 

Talk soon , Hugs and Love

Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy Weekend !

Hi Friends !

I hope you all are ok and feel great where ever in the world you are !!

I only stop by short to wish you all a Fantabulous weekend !

In sweden we have had lots lots of snow ,, and its freeeezing cold ,, but you have to have some sunshine in your mind and heart ..

I have been very busy and not able to write as i want to but i hope i will find some time for it this weekend :)

Stay safe , stay cool and have fun :)  And dont drink & drive atleast wait for the red light ;)  !

Hugh Hugs & Love

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Love Across Continents !

There are those who can wait for each other for ten years and there are those who have lived together for ten years and thought it was a prison.

I must tell you something about my grumpy post yesterday, there's a sweet story of the tragic story about my friend who was expelled. When he lived here in Sweden, he met a girl and they fall in love and they're still together even though he lives in Africa and she lives  in Sweden, she has been down there and visit him twice and they can hardly wait until they meet again.   - Totally amazing!

There are people who complain about travel to each other that takes 30 minutes by car and think it's a distance relationship haha!

I guess everything IS possible afer all !!

I think this is so sweet ,, i wish them all luck and i hope one day they can live together ore at the very least in the same country :)

So next time you complain over 30 minutes in your car ,, think about this little story !